Wednesday, April 27, 2005

30 reasons not to vote Labour

This is about the Labour flyer I received from Colin Challen, the sitting MP.

I've never actually met him, although I have been at several events that he has also been at. He doesn't seem to be the sort of MP who "works the room". My first encounter was at an "angry parents" meeting at a nearby school which had an admission cap at a rather unnatural 45 kid intake, despite being popular and in demand. The event was being run by teachers and some local Councillors were in evidence, Bryan North (former Lord mayor of Leeds) and another one whose name escapes me now. Colin came and sat down next to me but didn't acknowledge anyone other than Bryan North. He eventually stood up to speak- as the prospective parliamentary candidate replacing John Gunnell.

The next time I saw CC was at the Leeds City Council election count in 2003. He spent most of the time on the mobile phone looking worried, a routine he repeated even more vigourously in 2004.

He recently spoke at a special event for Joseph priestley College, who celebrated 50 years in Morley Town hall. He "ummed" & "erred" a lot and I felt that he managed to make an interesting topic rather dull through a somewhat bland delivery. (The speech is on his Website here). He sends out a newsletter to interested constituents (that we call "Colin's Chat") and it unwittingly sends out the message of how banal and irrelevant the life of a Backbencher can be regardless of who is in power. There was a speech printed almost verbatim about how successful his diet had been that went on at such length that I assumed that he must have been filibustering.

The other downer is that he claims the glory for all sorts of things. His "I convened a meeting" translates from the other parties as "We invited him to a meeting".

Here is his flyer, "by Colin Challen", although no doubt there are hundreds that look and read very similarly all over the Country. It is basically the old "the Tories are going to cut money" scare tactics.

Labour flyer

On the back, are thirty positive reasons why you should vote Labour. It is actually 29, the 30th being that CC supports them, well hoop-de-do. I was going to come up with an alternative list to match the title, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to emigrate.

Labour flyer

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