Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Meet the lovely Erica

I happened to look at a web site today for Internet via Satellite at www.mydirecway.com from Hughes Network Systems. There, I was interested to find that you could contact their lovely Erica, who was available 24 hours a day.

Here is a tantalising glimpse of the tasty tecchie...


Disappointingly, Erica is actually an expert system, an acronym for the rather contrived Electronic Response and Interactive Customer Agent. No matter how carefully I question her, (& it does encourage you to interact and chat like a friend) she won't admit to being blonde or pretty, or even female. She does seem very interested in my equipment though.

She can't be married, as apparently Erica is not particular about grammar, letter case or punctuation & spouses always find any excuse to pull their hubby up. Maybe she is actually Waynetta Slob.

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