Friday, April 29, 2005

The postman catches up with the election...

...Five leaflets waiting for us at home today on the mat, one from each candidate. Four were non-specific, however the Labour leaflet was addressed to Karen.

There was also an election feature in todays' Morley Observer, although the BNP man didn't manage to get his Biog in before the deadline. That'll teach him to go away on honeymoon when there is an election on!

There is also news in both papers this week that the two papers are going to become one, the Morley Observer & Advertiser (which it has been for a couple of years but everyone has kept up the pretence that they were in competition, despite moving into the same office).

The launch issue of the Morley obtiser is May 18th so it appears to be every Wednesday. It is going up to 30p but that is 22p cheaper than buying both of the old papers & they won't have to keep track of which story appeared in what edition any more.

As an aside, the South Leeds freebie paper had an advertising feature on Morley yesterday, they really should check their copy more frequently, it talks about Peel Market which has been closed for many years (it became an exhibition centre and is now a sort of Tat shop called "B&M Bargain Madness".)

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