Friday, April 15, 2005

People make places...

Morley received some very favourable comment recently from an American visitor who visited the town last year and took in our stunning Town Hall.

The local press don't seem interested so I will circulate it here instead.

(An email received on the Town Council Mailing List)


I am from the USA and while visiting my friends in the area, I visited
Morley and the Morley Town Hall. I wanted to say that I found it to
be one of the most beautiful buildings I have had the pleasure to
visit. I have visited other cities/towns in England, however, I found
the hospitality and character of Morley to be unique.

The town is beautiful in the summer, however, during the holidays,
there can't be another town that is more festive and welcoming. I know
it takes the work of committees who put in hard work and long hours to
make it all work. However, all towns have committees who work hard,
but, Morley's fine people shine right through and thats what sets this
town apart from all others. Its the people...its always the people
that make the difference.

I must say, while I was in the Town Hall.. I met some of the employees
and they were most respectful and helpful. The men who maintain the
building should be commended for their hard work and for their
diligence in keeping the Town Hall looking so clean and inviting. I
met Colin, Gerry and Tony...3 hard working men who should be commended
for a job well done.

I hope to visit Morley again soon...and when I do I'm sure that I will
be met with the same friendliness that I have received in the past.

Keep up the good work! Your efforts are well received! The people of
Morley are very lucky to have such a strong 'heart' to their
I said, its the people who make the difference...and your people are
the best....your staff extended hospitality to me...and I was quite
touched by it.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to post my message. Never
take for granted what you have....people make the difference...and
your people have pride and believe me, it shines like a beacon!

All the best,

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