Sunday, April 24, 2005

Not a dragon in sight...

Today was St. George's day in Morley, with not a dragon in sight (Karen was at a work event, he says taking cover!). I did spot three PPCs at the Rugby club, although the Labour one (who is our sitting MP) didn't seem to be making any effort to make eye contact when his entourage swept past me. The Lib Dem one may have been there but I wouldn't know him if I fell over him at the moment. The BNP one is probably still away on Honeymoon, or if he is back then he may have been down in Nottinghamshire for their Manifesto launch.

Rather than wax lyrical about the event, you can see a number of photos at the Town Council website.

That bloke with the full garb looked strangely familiar... then I realised it was Bill from the Needless, where I have lit the fireworks in previous years.

I wonder how he got the job as St. George? "I've got my own chain mail..."

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