Saturday, April 23, 2005

Morley pride

I've had a very satisfying week. It started last Sunday when David went for his Karate Yellow Belt grading. It was impressive to see two hundred children (guided by twenty-one black belt instructors) go through the ritual and routines collectively and obviously with considerable satisfaction.

It was held in the small(ish) hall at Rothwell Sports Centre, a room distinguished by having an unclimbable climbing wall. Yes, the footholds have been chipped away or filled in with mortar, presumably to satisfy the angry god of healthandsafety.

During the week, some challenges at work have been overcome. I joined David at Karate class last night, I'm sure he is delighted he has more seniority than me. What he forgot was that it is a double-edged sword me being there with him, I'd be able to see him messing round!

Today, the Morley Town Council schools concert, with lots of talent and enthusiasm in abundance. Outside the Town Hall, Robert Finnigan (Independent Morley & Rothwell) giving away green election balloons. It seems his Agent overlooked the need to have printer & publisher details on the printing, so every one had to have a sticker attached to the ribbon!

Tomorrow, the St Georges day parade. Lots on, so much to do, so little time...

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