Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Son Et Lumiére

Salou is a popular Spanish Resort on the Costa Dorada and has a well developed Esplanade with a lot of sculpture and water features. New for 2007 is what they call their animated fountain. Rather than circular, it is a linear configuration. Many of the nozzles are individually motorised so that the jets can be angled left or right as well as upwards. As well as the usual array of patterns, there is also a water screen used for projection and laser effects. Many of the jets are underlit with multiple colour LED fittings.

I managed to film a show on Sunday 26th August and there was a large crowd. It wasn't loud enough, they could have done with turning off more ambient light and a couple of the nozzles were stuck at an angle. (Also the LED colour changing seemed a bit sporadic) but criticisms aside, it was a stunning show if you like this sort of thing (& I do, unsurprisingly!).

I'm cooking a couple of Youtubes (as it runs to 20 minutes), they will appear when ready.


For daytime use, the fountains cycle and there is this walkway bridge that regularly squirts virtual bars across either end to trap the kids on the rather damp walkway, great fun!

(In case the post title didn't mean anything- see here).


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

That does look fun!

Sir James Robison said...

...Rather than circular, it is a linear configuration...

You mean "in a line", Shades?

Shades said...

James, I'm always one for calling a Spade an earth inverting horticultural instrument.

Not only linear, but single sided- those round the back see the words backwards.