Friday, September 28, 2007

The Kosmic Krew

Most journeys to and from work are uneventful and unmemorable. Ordinary cars mixed in with vans and juggernauts from the distribution sector. Occasionally an unusual load draws interest, or perhaps the signage of a smaller business I am familiar with.

Today, I found myself behind a large black van, with this odd pastiche logo reminiscent of Fuzzbox performing "International Rescue" with the cast of Return to the Forbidden planet.

It turns out that they are a theatre company who tour schools. Their website is a hoot, especially for me the bit for adults where they justify their alignment with the national curriculum. (It is my cynical former Governorness showing through).

(A blogpost challenge for James Higham- write a justification for curriculum benefits of something without educational merit or considered inappropriate, e.g. Poker. I know Max Bygraves did it with Deck of Cards.)

The Kosmik Krew had a visually attention grabbing well decorated van and a Freefone number on the Driver's door, however their memorable URL was what helped me remember it. I don't think I'm ever likely to see their show, it could be really well done or a bit naff. They certainly have a well developed image though. You can see a snippet of them here in a single promo, they are certainly polished in their dance moves.

Chilldren's shows vary considerably for the adults- Singing Kettle is very good, whilst Wheels on the Bus was really terrible, its direness only relieved by the rather lurid movement of the saxophone's horn which made a lot of us chuckle.


Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

I found your blog post via my new BlogRush widget thingy. I shall never see the Kosmic Krew either, but I figure your tale of seeing the back of their van will be too tough an act for the "Krew" to follow. I dug your post. I'm an American staying in the Philippines reading about what an Englishman saw on the street today. The Internet rocks! Blog on.

Shades said...

Christy, nice of you to drop in.

Also nice to know that Blogrush does work!

Lord Higham- Murray said...

A challenge indeed, Shades. This post now sent to Ian.