Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Charter Booby

Paul was a prospective Round Table Member at the time back in 2003. He is holding a trophy that you didn't want to win- the Charter Booby awarded each meeting for being a plonker. (It was some sort of manifold mounted on a plinth).

From Batley Round Table Standing Orders:

8) Trophies

The Charter Booby
Established in 1996 (and transferred from Pudsey Table), awarded at every meeting by the incumbent for the member who has demonstrated he has “the wrong stuff”. Examples include coming bottom at events, fighting with minor celebrities, eating cheese with custard, scoffing kebabs during meetings, being a DSB (note 1) and generally making a pratt of oneself. The physical trophy is a large manifold-like plumbing item.

(Note 1- DSB is an abbreviation for something far too offensive to be enshrined in Standing Orders)


Sir James Robison said...

Sounds a wonderful idea. I'd love to win one of these.

Shades said...

James, we could have a Blogpower one!