Saturday, September 08, 2007

Heritage Weekend

We went to see High School Musical last night, at the Wakefield Theatre Royal. It is a high energy show set in a High School and there are some vague similarities to Grease in the plot line.

David is a big fan of the DVD (it was originally made for video for Disney but has become a huge hit) and we were mildly concerned that an Am Dram version might have been slightly lacking. However, as it was Wakefield Musical Youth Theatre we needn't have worried. It was a high energy performance, cleverly staged with some excellent individual contributions.

My only worry was with the actual show itself- I thought the music of the original was rather banal and aimed at young girls. Unsurprisingly, most of the audience fitted that profile!

One slightly unexpected event at the end of the interval- we were played an advert for a forthcoming production, an Am Dram version of We will Rock you.

...and what about Heritage Weekend? David doesn't want to do Morley Town Hall, this looks good though.

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