Saturday, September 15, 2007

A flower in the wilderness

Every now and again, we tackle our garden to make it look a little less wild. It is superficially respectable but our pro-gardening friends would see it as a minimalist housekeeping. We have a stint weeding, clearing out moss and sharpening up the edges. (The grass gets cut weather permitting but that is a bit like sweeping dust under the mat).

I was surprised, however, to find this lovely wild flower growing through the patio flags next to our #2 shed. Sadly, it couldn't stay, but it is now in a vase so we can enjoy it in the house for a few days.

I'm not certain what it is, a Lupin or a Gladiolus perhaps?


jmb said...

I'd say it's a snapdragon. Not a glad for sure, they have spikey leaves, lupins bloom in spring and have totally different leaves.
Definitely snapdragon!

Shades said...

JMB, Cheers for that. I didn't know or particularly care in my ignorance what it was but knew that if I asked the question someone would be able to tell me.