Sunday, September 30, 2007


Last August, Redcar in Cleveland became a mammoth movie set for the filming of Atonement. (It is extensively documented by the Council HERE). David has cousins there and we visited a few days before filming started, walking along the beach and marveling how it had been turned into a war torn Dunkirk.

Returning again today, there are two residual elements of the Town's brief flurry with history. One building still has the French treatment (although the bombed out upper floor set has gone) and there is also a rather good sculpture that was installed to co-incide with the regional premiere at the local Regent Cinema which became part of the set. It has a rifle, ammo boxes, a helmet, a seagull, books, and a Director's chair. Thoughtfully, it is surrounded by squashy tarmac as it is crying out for children to climb on it. More here and here.

Redcar is also famous for the Lemon Top. I'd given this one a lick or two before remembering to snap it!

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