Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dusting down the rosettes...

When I decided not to restand on the Council, I thought that my trusty rosettes would be destined for the scrap book & bin.

However, I received a surprise phone call from one of the Independent Councillors yesterday. He understood that I might have a purple rosette or two and could he possibly borrow them for him and his Wife on election day?

Certainly, I replied, although they do say GREY on them! Why do you want purple?

Because Maroon and White were the old Morley Borough colours, he replied.

I'll look forward to seeing you wearing them, and best of luck! I said.

Here is a picture of David when he was Six, wearing one of them.


Jeremy Jacobs said...

Looks a bit like UKIP purple to me

Delicolor said...

JJ, Nah, UKIPs are maroon and yellow.

I chose purple as it is a mix or fed and blue, i.e. centrist. I originally chose it as a neutral colour for the Town Council website and got to like it.