Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Shock rock

One of the down sides of chav culture is the coarseness and uncouthness of it all, especially chavs at play.

On trips to seaside resorts the gift shops frequently have an "adult" section with various novelty items, some edible, others Anne Summers specials. This is a zone we have to gently steer David away from as we'd quite like to extend his childhood to at least puberty.

I was in Scarborough today and popped into a rock shop to bring David back some sugar mice.

I was rather surprised to see an unusual new product line out on the shelves underneath the humbugs and rock jars. I thought of buying Karen one for shock value but I was too tight to pay £2.99. Click on the picture if not easily shocked.

I wonder what flavour it might be though!


The Splund said...

It's not often that the Splund is rendered speechless... but... the Splund is rendered speechless.

Delicolor said...

Splund, strangely enough, when I went into the shop, I was vaguely looking for Kipper rock...