Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bargain ipods

I received the following email today:

Subject: FW: Super Mini-Ipod

Just to let you know. I've been offered the chance to buy a couple of dozen ipods for about £25 each (all above board) and wondered if you would be interested in one.

They were apparently originally earmarked for Ghana but are compatible with British PCs, all USB leads, etc. There may be some additional shipping costs but I'll confirm those before order, we are only talking of a few quid extra.

For all you technical geeks, the attached picture is the exact model on offer. Let me know asap as they will move out of here pretty quick.



Scroll down for the image...


Colin Campbell said...

LOL Can I have one? I especially like the speaker on your head. That will put all those snooty IPOD wearing train commuters that I sometimes travel with in their place.

Delicolor said...

CC, I think that is the battery.