Friday, May 11, 2007

More fairy tales

Dream Flight is a delightful ride through at efteling, designed and themed in-house. You travel in suspended carriages through a fairytale wonderland with much to look at accompanied by mellow themed music. There is even a bit of a thrill when you spiral down at high speed through a forest towards the end. There is a good Wikipedia entry here.

I tried to take some on-ride photos but the light level was too low. I quickly swapped over to video mode and present that footage below.

In the inevitable gift shop, a cornucopia of fairy gifts were available.

This one didn't have a price tag!

Meanwhile, if you want to see political fairy tales, see Gordon Brown go down the pan over at Morleygate


james higham said...

Did you buy yourself one, Ian?

Delicolor said...

James, no. Although if they had ride fridge magnets, I might have bought one of them.

No-one loves a fairy when he's forty...