Monday, May 14, 2007

A non-schmaltsy Disney film!

Yesterday, we went to see Bridge to Terabithia, a Disney Film that is rather un-Disney-like. It has some escapist fantasy moments but the characters are all too real, real life intrudes in many gritty realistic ways and there is a part where they don't live happily ever after after all. Also- not a talking anthropomorphic animal in sight!

It tackles the difficult issues of bullying, growing up, neglect, stifled aspirations, death and friendship through adversity. It is thoughtful and enjoyable, painting an interesting picture of contemporary American rural life.

I enjoyed it enough to want to track down the book, and it is always better to see the film first as movies are no match for imagination in their abridged offerings.

Recommended, take your kids if they are beyond CBBC.


Ruthie said...

I thought the previews looked cute.

Maybe I'll see it.

Delicolor said...

Ruthie, the previews show the fantasy bits, but lots of the movie are down to earth character development. Don't expect Lord of the Rings...