Friday, May 11, 2007

Clobber a Dobber

I first heard the term Dobber from a Dave Spikey routine. It is a Chav variant and the people are generally fat, stupid and ignorant, a sort of Chav underclass. His routine refers to an imaginary shop selling rubbish clothing, which he wanted to call "Dobber Clobber".

Anyway at Efteling, I was amused to come across a sideshow called "DobberBal"

Do you throw the balls at Dobbers, or is it expressly for Dobbers, I wondered?

You have to get the ball into the buckets which move and have a dobber in them already to make it trickier.

The girl manning the stall was very bemused with me taking a photo of her stall!

(Online translation tells me that Dobberbal means floating ball, but I think my translation is better...)

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