Saturday, January 06, 2007

Wot, more bloggers?

The more astute of my readers may have noticed the new armour helmet logo on the right and that my hyperlinks further down to other sites have more than doubled. I have joined a loose alliance of small bloggers, many of them who write very well indeed. If you click on the Blogpower banner you can read more about it.

As some of them will no doubt drop in to suss me out, I'm going to participate in a current blog tag meme and reveal five things about myself not widely known. Tradition then states that I should tag five others, however as most of the sites I visit are all famous in web terms there isn't much point and also I balk at overly collectivist behaviour! In the spirit of co-operation, however, I have plucked five randomly out of the list- Cynical Chatter from the underworld, Onyx Stone, CityUnslicker, Morag the Mindbender and Finding Life Hard.

Having dabbled a bit behind the scenes in showbiz, I shall inulge in a bit of celebrity name dropping here. Every one has a story behind it, some more interesting than others!

1) Lionel Blair once stroked my thigh whilst he was perched on the arm of a Sofa

2) Jerry Lewis proudly showed me the photo in his wallet of his Wife and new Baby

3) I once urinated next to Les McEwan, the lead singer from the Bay City Rollers

4) Lisa Minelli asked me what I thought of some dance steps she and her Sister Lorna Luft were practising

5) Jools Holland insisted on taking my photograph because he had seen me on Telly

Here endeth the list...


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I like your showbiz anecdotes.

Ian said...

Rowland Rivron once told me to get out of the way, and John Parrot once refused to get into the same lift with me. Like that with the stars, me.

Tagging people, eh? Bold move ;)

Ian Grey said...

It made you look...

Also Bob Holness once gave me a withering look. Mind you, I had just said into my Mobile:- "there is a bloke in the row in front who looks just like Bob Holness, only older..."!

Ian Grey said...

The showbiz anecdotea are also reminders for me to expand on the stories at some future point when stuck for blogspiration!

Liz said...

Aw, I've only just come across this mention of my blog! I am very chuffed.

As it happens I have only recently done this '5 things' meme so it's up there already. Mine aren't half as exciting as yours!