Saturday, January 20, 2007

Summit to shout about

Last Friday's Summit was standing room only down at the Rugby Club. It was front page news on the front cover of our weekly paper but didn't appear on the website until yesterday. Rather than rehash it, you can read the story here.

We were all given a form with six topics on the front and six blank ones on the back (which were chosen from a ballot box in the interval). There was a slight downside- the questions were Yes/No and then a comment field. Consequently, myself and the chap to my right (who is a classical Liberal) sometimes ticked the opposite box followed by a caveat. E.g. for charging in car parks, I put No, but there should be a waiting limit in some areas. Conversely the other bloke put Yes, but only for long stayers. That had to make it tricky to interpret the results.

As ever, there was a collective assumption that local or national government could be the solution to the problem, when in reality, they are generally the cause.

Anyway, the post-event was very social, indeed I didn't leave until after last orders at 1am after much banter and merriment with the regulars. Fortunately I don't visit there too often, I don't think I have the stamina...

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