Monday, January 29, 2007

View from a window...

This is the view from the top floor of where I work on the outskirts of Bradford.

Not my view- I'm on the Ground Floor!


Liz said...

Good photos. I especially like this one. Do you have a special bendy camera?

Ian, on my blog you mentioned that I should have something commons - I just looked it up to remind myself and I have forgotten in the time it took me to get here! What is that (the commons thing not why I forgot)? Why do I need it?

Ellee said...

I would hate to look out the window and not see a tree.

Ian Grey said...

Liz- Creative Commons asserts your rights to your blog contents.

Not a bendy camera- three sequential photos stitched together by software. You need a tripod though (or in my case, a monopod) or the angles go funny.

Ellee- trees by arrangement!