Friday, January 26, 2007


Twelve irrational personal dislikes (or are they?) In no particular order...

• Pointy shoes- (really pointy ones, cockroach killers)
• Slacks with straps that go under the feet to hold them down
• White socks on men, or any socks with sandals on men
• Body disfigurement- tattoos, nose rings etc (Earrings OK though)
• shoulder straps for bras showing beside shoulder straps for tops
• Exposed midriff pot bellies
• Trainers with tongues bigger than £5 notes
• Dancing styles that involve pointing one foot then another forwards and inwards repeatedly ad nauseum
• People who want to convince me that their invisible friend is the only righteous one
• Shops that drop their shutters eight minutes before their advertised closing time
• Enforced Sunday observance
• Royal Mail Sorting offices that aren't open when it is convenient to visit them

Regarding the Royal Mail, they tracked down my missing lamps and I managed to collect them this morning. They were suitably apologetic but joked that it was partially my fault for having such a common name! (There are quite a lot of Grays in Morley, but not spelt like me).


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Glad you got your lamp!
I agree with all your dislikes. I am so glad someone else hates the showing bra straps. - I mean, there is no excuse these days, when you can get all sorts of bras. Italian women at least have the taste to get them in the same colour as their tops!

CityUnslicker said...

mid riff pot bellis -ick.

Was in Leeds all week. much warmer than kent!

Liz said...

Do they still make slacks with straps that go under the feet?

Ian Grey said...

I don't know if slacks with straps are still made but they do seem to be popular with old ladies.

Just in case they ever come back, I'm getting my retaliation in first.