Monday, January 08, 2007

Give me Presence- Now!

I was recently given a rather swish IP desktop phone gratis by a supplier to put on my desk at work. Here is a tiny picture of it...

Why did they give me a phone for nothing? Smart Marketing. I'd work out how to get the best out of it and the Green-eyed monster effect would hopefully result in Bosses coveting it. To prevent the bosses coveting it too much to the extent that it would transport itself up to Mahogany Row, it was given to me as a thank-you for working proactively with them on recent installs.

So when I retire, or move on, I can lay claim to the phone as my own and lug in my old one in its place. The only trouble is that I'd need a £100k phone system at home to make it work and by then they will probably be worth 50p on eBay!

Also by then, hopefully they will have gotten the bugs out of it. The old one was a single keypress to activate redirection of my calls to voicemail if I was stepping away from my desk for some reason. The new one takes six key presses to activate it and the feature doesn't actually work anyway...

What i want is the phone to be able to react to my presence according to pre-defined rules. How will it know I'm there? To be automatic, it would need to use RFID on something I had on me, maybe a phone pairing ID card in my wallet or perhaps on my Security pass that I wear on a lanyard all day.

Of course, I don't just want that to apply to my phone- I want my PC to work the same way as well so that it automatically locks when I step away and unlocks again when I return, updating my messaging presence accordingly. It doesn't negate the need for a second authentication factor
but it will make office life so much easier and make communicating much more effective.

Come on Networks Industry, I;m waiting and I'll buy one...


Jeremy Jacobs said...

A most interesting site. I can't say I've urinated near, or indeed on, anyone famous. Although the words Prescott, fire, and p*ss, spring to mind!

Loved the reference to "my hovercraft is full of eels". One of my favourite Pythonesque quotes is "can I fondle your buttocks" from the same sketch.

I see you're a fellow radio freak and not a statist. Welcome to Blogpower. We need another humour injection.

Carry on

Corporate Presenter

Judean People's Front

Ian Grey said...

I remembered it as "Please fondle my buttocks" but 'tinternet suggests otherwise.

I also like "at first, yes" from Life of Brian, and "PFUCK OFF!, IM FHULL! in Meaning of life.

james higham said...

Man, I can't see your dust, technologically. I'm going to have to read up on your site to find out about all this.

CityUnslicker said...

Please spare me from an apple phone. Welcome to blogpower.