Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bye Bye Watermelon, hello Blinky?

Via a comment on Guido, news that Colin Challen MP will be standing down in order to save the planet is delighting the Grey household. (Well me, Karen & David are indifferent...) A Labour insider confided to me last week that the constituency party were not at all happy with the Ed Balls imposition but now Colin will not have to face the humiliation of being de-selected.

Blinky is the cruel but suitably amusing nickname for Ed Balls, our prospective parliamentary candidate, after being throughly mauled by Andrew (Brillo Pad) Neil on the Telly.

With Lord Levy getting arrested again, we'll be opening the Port tonight but we'll save the Champagne for when the Mr. Bigs get their collars well and truly felt.

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