Saturday, June 25, 2005

It's all gone quiet at the back...

I'm prompted into posting by someonw who chose to remain anonymous leaving a comment:

"Not really followed this one up have you Ian? Is this because the result isn't glorious for your psuedo friends in the MBI."

No, I havent followed it up, and no, it's not because of the result. I've been busy at work and I'm also doing a lot of programme editing for Morley FM which is a priority so blogging has to be when I can. I've squeezed in a minimal Town Council website update this afternoon and here is a minimalist result analysis:

Beverley (BNP) 7.3%
Hayward (Independent) 1.1%
Medley (Labour) 8.6%
Stevenson (MBI) 5.2%
None of the above 77.6%

The result was rather bad for the MBI lot but a much more serious threat to Labour in their remaining Town Council stronghold Ward.

The comment "pseudo friends" is a revealing one, no doubt a local pseudo-politician with some pseudo-axe to grind.

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