Sunday, June 19, 2005

A deeply religious experience...

I've been to Church twice today, which is double my normal annual allowance.

In the morning, it was Mayor's Sunday and we visited Morley Citadel for an hour of worship as only the Sally Army can do. Brass Bands, a funky combo, projector PC for the words, lots of participation, quite a few funny moments too. Morley was well and truly out-maced, with the Lord Mayors of both Leeds & Wakefield as well as three other Town mayors. It was certainly a happy (clappy) place, with not a tambourine in sight.

Then later, over to a C of E in Beeston for a (double) Christening. The undertakings are solemn even if the service wasn't. three lay preachers doubled up as choir with piano accompliment and a Richard Attenborough lookalike conducted the splashy bits. They even handed out musical instruments for the last hymn, but failed to make it clear what number hymn it was so they mostly sang it themselves accompanied by rattles & jingles.

On leaving the church, I couldn't fail to notice a header tank up on the back balcony wall, a space mostly filled by the organ. It had been painted to match the decor but failed miserably to blend in and looked rather incongruous.

I spent both services trying to decide if the cross aspect ratio (between the upright sizing compared tp the cross-beam & top) was 2.5:1 or 3:1. It seems that your mileage may vary.

Sorry Christians, much as I admire your faith, I'll stick to my own value system, I always did prefer to make my own mind up...

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