Thursday, June 23, 2005

The posh bits of London

I visited an event in the Royal Borough of Kengsington & Chelsea yesterday. On my walk from Hyde park Corner to Belgrave Square, It struck me how clean it looked. The buildings sparkled, the streets were clean and so were the cars. London has many private parks in the middle of squares and crescents, the one in Wilton Crescent looked well cared for and I could imagine how familiar it would have looked to the Georgians. I almost imagined that flower sellers, milkmaids & knife grinders would come round the corner any moment and perform the "Who will buy..." sequence from Oliver!.

Returning afterwards, I decided to make my return journey from Knightsbridge Tube so headed up towards Sloane Street. I can now see where the term "Sloane Ranger" came from as the route was lined with expensive designer shops selling expensive designer clothes. It also redefined the term "fashion victim" for me when I saw a handbag collection whose clasps were the sort of things you secure shed doors with...

All the customers I saw were expensively dressed attractive women and there wasn't a scratter in sight. In the 80s you frequently saw Arab women in London who were borderline boilers but my brief observance of how the other half lived didn't involve taking in the full range of Harrods clientele so thesurvey was by n eas finitive.

It is interesting to contrast the clean streets of Kightsbridge to the somewhat tired streets of Haringey in North London where I had been the day before. There is a definite inner/outer divide "darn sarf" which whilst obvious in most Cities is a particular contrast in the Capital. A great place to visit but you wouldn't want to live there...

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