Thursday, June 16, 2005

Election night special

Well, I only received one more leaflet for the Town Council By-Election, a second green Morley Borough Independent one on Tuesday.

Someone came round earlier to borrow my megaphone (as it seems the real one is locked up and the keys are in Sri Lanka) & they promised to phone through the results.

I didn't write them down, so the figures are approximate, although the order is right:

Joe Medley (Labour) 379ish
Chris Beverley (BNP) 334ish
Kath Stephenson (Morley Borough Independent) 297ish
David Hayward (Independent, but possibly BNP) 57ish

So Labour hold the seat and the BNP take second place. More analysis when I see firm figures.


Anonymous said...

Does it worry you that the BNP have that much support?

Ian Grey said...

No, if people vote for them they are entitled to stand. etc.

I regard the BNP as only slightly worse than the big three- they all think that big Government is the answer regardless of the question and are equally manipulative. I've met a few decent types who are BNP, based as much on disillusionment of regular politics as the bigotry slant.

Anonymous said...

Not really followed this one up have you Ian? Is this because the result isn't glorious for your psuedo friends in the MBI.