Friday, July 01, 2005

Radio Ga-Ga

I'm feeling a bit gaga at the moment, elated at the switch-on of Morley FM. The official event is at noon, however, the hardened radioheads from the Morley Community Radio Society gathered in the studios for the application of power to the transmitter at one second past midnight. We then sent foraging parties out to check the signal- better than expected in some areas but rather scratchy in Churwell (where at least two of the team live).

We were so elated by the experience that we then had an inpromptu radio show. Our excuse was getting the levels right, however it is a great feeling seeing "MorleyFm" on the car radio and hearing the relatively inexperienced presenters get more slick and polished by the minute.

This community radio malarkey is a good thing, I'm delighted we have got this far. I have also recorded some great interviews with Head Teachers, now the time consuming part comes- the editing!

Fortunately, it will all be over Sunday week, & we intend to have a bit of a party a few days afterwards.

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