Saturday, June 11, 2005

Ups & downs

I was stunned today to find that someone I knew had been awarded an OBE. Terry Elliott JP, husband of Councillor Judith Elliott, is a likeable Yorkshireman, surprisingly quiet and publicity shy. (Somewhat like Dennis Thatcher was when Maggie was prime Minister).

I gave him a ring to congratulate him and he assured me that he wouldn't be returning it or accepting it by Post, his Wife would never speak to him again if she didn't get her chance to go to the Palace! Knowing Judith, she and Brenda will be chatting like old friends within two minutes...

Their day of good news has also had a down side, unfortunately. Our Deputy Mayor has suffered a family tragedy with the death of his Son in a road accident this morning and that has put something of a dampener on the celebrations.

I'll save my other blogopinions I was originally going to write for another time.

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