Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Scatcherd Lane Repertory Company

We went to see a Panto last night, called "Cinderfella", at the Rugby Club. A Panto in March? It's a Yorkshire thing. A Panto in a Rugby Club? Yes, you guessed it, consenting adults only!

The club have been doing pantos since 1975 so you'd expect them to be pretty good at it by now & they certainly are. The scenery might be two-dimensional but the performances are anything but wooden.

They also enjoy big song & dance numbers, it is remarkable to see routines involving more than twenty people in a space smaller than the average living room.

There are two stars of the show. the first one is the leading Dame, a barn of a bloke whose off the cuff comments frequently outshine the regular dialogue. The other star is a chap named Ooby Doo, a builder who I know from Round Table. He is big & gormless looking, a pleasant bloke but remarkably incoherent with half a glass of shandy inside him. The good news is that he dances as well as he makes speeches, rampant dyslexia. His remarkable style frequently stole the show.

The patrons are packed in (about two hundred seated at long tables bier-kellar style) & it runs for six nights so 1,200 people have a great time and many others are disappointed. (Tickets are reputed to be as rare as rocking horse sh*t).

Good on you Morley RFC, & good luck at Twickenham next month!

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