Sunday, March 06, 2005

Please remain seated....

Another trip to the Plesh today. Everything working well, David's first trip on a Hypercoaster, he loved everything apart from the ghost train...

Considering how many theme parks we visit, we have only got stuck on rides a handful of times. At Pirates of the Caribbean last December in Florida, the ride packed in within sight of the off-load. In the Blackpool Tower Dinosoar ride a few weeks ago, we stopped right next to the woolly mammoth, a sort of hairy, big headed elephantine beast with tusks.

The drill tends to be the same. Firstly reassurance messages that the ride will start again shortly. Then flurries of activity in the distance. Then the working lights come on. Then the soundtrack stops (although the animatronics tend to keep up their muted performance). Various remain seated messages get relayed. Finally, someone turns up and overrides the mechanics so that we can be helped out. Blackpool was easy, down some stairs, past a couple of air conditions in the wall, through a primeval swamp then out through a pair of crash doors into the stairwell & the mystery of what is behind a particular door is solved.

Florida was a lot more convoluted, as a rescue bridge was required. The exit route was a very long and fascinating trek behind the scenes culminating in glimpses of backstage areas that are normally off-limits. They gave us priority passes but the excursion was worth it for me in the first place.

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