Monday, March 28, 2005

"curiouser & curiouser!" said Alice...

Last night, a new Yahoo Group appeared, called LS27 Group. (LS27 is the postcode for Morley). It was announced via the Town Council Group & I want and had a look.

There were three postings in it, or there would have been if two hadn't been deleted. The remaining posting said it was set up by a small number of Councillors, although that posting has now been deleted.

There are photo folders for heros (& villains), which originally contained five Councillor mugshots, including myself (lifted from the Town Council Website). This has now risen to eight, although I appear to have been dropped, as has Cllr Teale, the leader of the Labour group. There are no villains yet.

Several links have been set up, all legitimate ones. The home page greeted you at first with a photo of Cllr Welham, now it is the photogenic poise of Cllr Beevers (who takes photos the same way as rabbits do when caught in the headlights...)

My first impression was that it may have been set up for the purposes of urine extraction as someone passing off as a local trader had posted some offensive wind-ups on the Town Council List last year. There had been no mention of who is behind the list until this morning.

The latest posting is about the state of Morley Bottoms and is signed Paul Cockcroft (admin), the well known Butlins memorabilia collecting, jogging troll from Tingley. It may well be his list but he has previously told me he is a well known Internet technophobe so it seems a little unlikely...

The list can be found here.

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