Sunday, March 13, 2005

Robots; the movie

We went to see Robots at the Leeds/Bradford Odeon this afternoon. It wasn't very busy but we did get a free gift, a promotional slinky.

It is a good film, superbly rendered & detailed with a victorian engineering feel to it. Amnyone who has played the "Myst£ series of computer adventure games will feel a familiarity with the transportation technology.

The plot is fairly predictable but it works on two levels, it is jam-packed with jokey film references & the characters are well developed. There were a lot of familiar voices used for the talent, we watched some of the credits to confirm who they were.

David (7) did get a little restless half way through but that could have been related to running out of pick 'n mix as well.

One coffee stain though, rather a lot of lamps out in the screen, including five of the twelve decorative wall & screen washers. The wiggly that waves "Odeon" around the walls wasn't on either & I don't recall the projected clock working in the foyer either.

Good show, spoiled slightly by attention to detail.

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