Monday, January 03, 2005

Has the election already started?

"Lowest unemployment for 29 years" screams the headline on the large hoarding opposite the Morley ASDA in rather freaky hippy-style letters.

Morley & Rothwell has been a safe labour seat for ever, certainly as long as I have been alive. It was the long standing seat of John Gunnell & more recently Colin Challen. However, rumours reach me that possible boundary changes may well oust him as Ed Balls may be lined up for a nearby constituency & is probably worth more to the Government than a backbencher who has not always been totally on-message.

If I was Mr. Challen I'd be doubly worried, with Morley Town Council now strongly independent and all six local Leeds City Councillors Independent as well.

I'll certainly be voting for the person not the party and an effective UKIP or independent candidate could give him a run for his money. If there are both standing, however, that could split the vote!

Update: It seems the Ed Balls rumour is a load of Ed as he is standing for Normanton whilst Morley & Rothwell will change to Morley & Outwood (along with Elmet & Rothwell).

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