Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Catchy tunes....

Wifey bought me the greatest hits of Jackson Browne for Christmas and I've been playing it in the car ever since. I don't listen to it by default, I generally catch BBC Radio 4 going to & from work but if something I'm not interested in comes on I'll sometimes click the CD button. It is mostly precipitated by Sport & Thought for the day!

Anyway, CD 1 track 9 has really got stuck in my head, it is called "Fountain of sorrow" and whilst a fairly up-tempo AOR rock song, it has a bitter-sweet lyric and a melancholy feel to it. You can find the lyrics here.

Interestingly enough, when looking for the lyrics I notice that Joan Baez has also covered it. It was on her Diamonds & Rust Album & I remember Napstering the title track when I was putting together a Diamond Jubilee compilation for Eighteen Plus. I feel an Amazon Oneclick (tm) coming on.....

Charity baby crying update: four watchers, no bids so far!

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