Thursday, January 13, 2005

Cranes and trains and automobiles....

Down to London on Wednesday for a Trustee meeting of the CMA First problem- much slower traffic than normal getting to Wakefield Station. Compounded by the station car park being full and no change for display and display!

Trains on time but not running in Scotland, GNER must have lined them all up in Newcastle or something overnight during the storms.

Walking down from Leicester Square to the Mall, went past burberrys, windows all painted out black inside. Was this a shame factor? Now that their products are so Chav-tastic the smart set might be turning their back on them and buying Yaeger instead.

Something spooky happened during the meeting, we received an unexpected incoming videoconference call from an empty room somewhere else. It happened twice and both times were after some serious discussion. Could OfCom possibly be listening in care of the security services?

Returning to Kings X, I was given a "Standard Lite" & read on the cover that Burberry's profits were way down. You'd think that whilst the margins on caps might be lower than on two-piece skirt suits the volumes would make up for it. Maybe the dobbers all buy market burberi rip-off brands...

The return back to Yorkshire also went smoothly & I had time to join the Town Council planning meeting which went on twice as long as normal due to presentations from a Developer and the Victorian Society. However, I did get a virtual "look" from Karen over the mobile for being a dirty stopout.

As for the cranes, the following url did the rounds at work on Tuesday. It made me laugh...

Murphy's Law

Funny how the brain works, though. Seeing the horizontally over-extended booms when checking the link for the blog reminded me of a very serious story about a cherry-picker at a quarry, as told to me by the Service Manager of Furse. I'll save that for another time.

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