Thursday, May 12, 2005

Obsessive collecting

I caught some of a radio programme on Radio 4 tonight about men with obsessive hobbies, particularly the New Yorker who had recreated a Subway Train Cab in his apartment bedroom.

This reminded me of a few people I have met with equally engaging hobbies.

Whilst I haven't visited, one man on the Strowger List collected old telephone exchange equipment to the point where his entire flat was full of it to the ceiling, with only narrow walkways to get to the cooker, toilet, bed etc.

A keen projectionist had a full size 35mm Cinema projector in his spare bedroom, and was busy converting his garage into a home Cinema. I was involved (in a paid capacity) to advise him on how to wire up a salvaged controller for the screen tabs (curtains)and masking.

Jim Laws in Suffolk is a man who collects old lighting equipment and controls, ostensibly as a business. Last time I visited, he had two huge barns full of the stuff. If it is a heritage item, he probably has it. Somewhere...

I have been accused of collecting a radio station, but it is actually for Morley FM & will be moving into the studio shortly, fingers crossed. Then I'll have room for the Hammond Organ... (Only joking dear!)

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