Wednesday, May 04, 2005

As I'm still up...

...I thought I'd summarise the election based on my doormat.

Conservative- two leaflets, two posters seen, replied to my questions but a answers a bit slippery.

Independent- two leaflets, loads of posters seen, replied very quickly to my questions, pity he is a lefty (or Liberal, as the quiz described him).

Labour- three leaflets, lots of posters seen, replied asking for my address then sent me a letter answering my questions, not terribly satisfactorily.

Lib Dem- one leaflet, no posters seen, didn't reply to my email.

BNP- one leaflet, a few posters seen, didn't reply to my email.

Door Canvassers: None. Phone Canvassers: None.

Election tables seen in town: Independent, rumours of Conservatives, others not seen.

Number of balloons collected by Son: Two (Green, Vote Finnigan).

Advice from Son
: They're all really boring, vote for Gordon, our next door neighbour. (I think he is confusing independent with retired)

As a small gesture of my enthusiasm for the electoral process (not shared by the rest of the occupants in Chez Grey) I have put up this poster in my front window. This is very low key compared to Mrs. Elliott's house in Rein Road which has large green placards. there again, she did publically recommend him to the electorate in his shiny brochure & everyone in Morley has heard of Judith. She doesn't actually have a blue rinse but you would expect her to.

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