Saturday, May 14, 2005

Keeping in touch with the MP

Well, I've written the letter to Colin Challen MP requesting a visit to the Parliament Clock and Big Ben. His staff were very on the ball replying (they actually rang home and confused my Mother in Law) but the chap who organises it locally is taking a well earned rest at the moment.

I decided to drop the letter in to Unity Hall, the Labour Party premises in Morley where the constituency office is. Apart from the dozens of "vote labour" signs in the windows, you wouldn't actually know the MP's office is in there. The front entrance letterbox is not accessible as the gates are cable-tied together, a front anonymous lower entrance door has the gate locked and the only other way in is a dark pink door towards the rear that leads into a kitchen. The back door was wide open but it sounded like there was some event going on in the hall involving children. After dithering, I decided to leave the letter in the large box on the back door but I was a little uncertain as it wasn't labelled and the lid was secured with a spoon...

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