Monday, May 23, 2005

loose ends...

I've winged on about unsatisfactory resolutions recently.

After much mithering, I have a range of (mostly) successful outcomes. They all relate to former postings on the blog.

1) ASDA happily gave me £20 back tonight, apologised for messing me about and ripped up the display tickets about the offer that they couldn't fulfill.

2) The examining board never got back to me as promised, but did admit today that I had passed, they just couldn't formally release the results until they had all the examiner comments back.

3) The LS27 Group dissapeared up its own orifice once they realised it had gone beyond a joke and that they were moving into the realms of fraud & deception.

4) The Town Council adopted some better Standing Orders recently, although not before I had given the constitutional sub-committee grief for not being constitutional.

5) The Town's meeting will be held this week, with a sensible Agenda somewhat in line with my musings. It will be in the Alexandra Hall, I expect us to rattle.

6) The smelly waterless urinals have been upgraded and not as whiffy.

7) I have fluid retention in my right lug & some eardrum scarring. I'm being referred to an ear/nose/throat specialist to see if I can get my hearing back to normal.

8) On a sad note, Morley Puccinos seems to have closed after less than 9 months.

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