Saturday, July 17, 2004


The rest of the laminated signs have gone up. I could have put up three times as many if I had been obsessive about it but I have tried to ensure that they will be in view to most people in the ward at some point by car, bus or on foot.. A couple have already disappeared but I don't think it is a conspiracy as the ones near my Labour opponent's address all still seem to be in-situ. The removed ones have been done by children or grouches, I imagine. This evening I saw a teenage ASBO in the making rocking an illuminated roadsign so that it was swinging several feet, presumably with the intention of bringing it down. Apart from the mindless vandalism aspect, he also stood a good chance of electrocuting himself. needless to say he had scarpered before anything could be done but I'll report it to the Highways as it is now looking rather crooked and could be a hazard.

My letter about a community Diary wasn't published yesterday, however there were a lot of letters this week so hopefully it has been held over until Wednesday. More importantly, the Morley observer has published the biographies again, but has appeared to have done three of the six candidates a disservice. It left out Jean lancaster's photo, it left out my photo and for the Labour candidate standing in central Ward, it simply says "no details were provided". Details obviously were provided as they appeared in the Advertiser on Wednesday. I will query this with the editor, although I am of the view that happenings that look like conspiracy are often down simply to incompetence and the Morley papers have demonstrated a lot of that recently in the style of the Grauniad which they probably put down to being short staffed.

I enclose the reprint here (over two jpegs) and last weeks sports centre petition story.

Morley Observer July 16thMorley Observer July 16th- lower bit of pageMorley Advertiser July 7th

Here are the details of my second leaflet being delivered this weekend.The back page is identical to the first leaflet.

2nd leaflet- front cover2nd leaflet- personal message

This includes a personal message and some election pledges, which one of my supporters has described as "quirky"!

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