Sunday, July 18, 2004

Easing off

Saturday was comparatively relaxed, just swimming, shopping, Kid's club and lewisham Gala to fit in. I took a few colourful shots of the French market in Morley in order to keep the Town Council Website topical ( A nice relaxing glass or two of 10 year old port at home last night whilst watching the making of A.I., 2 for £5 in Morley Market & perfectly legit...

I also watched Bo-Selecta! 3 and have to say that the novelty has worn off, I probably won't keep an eye out for it.

I have been passed some leaflets posted by "the opposition" which I will scan and put up here. First off is the Labour leaflet, rather grubby because it was found near some bins.

The Labour Elmfield Leaflet (front)The Labour Elmfield Leaflet (back)

This morning, I was leafleting from 7am to 1:40pm, although I did give Terry some help later in the morning. We had a grand total of nine people helping today, including Karen (my Wife), David (my son) and a well known local Conservative who has been very supportive but drew the line at delivering green leaflets for Terry and the Morley Borough Independents! We also fitted in coffee at Morrisons Cafe, Coffee at Puccinos (see the gallery at to find out about our new Restaurant in morley), a visit to the Rugby Club Gala and a visit to our tame car dealer to look at replacing our aging 2nd car. Karen is now out delivering leaflets on the Scotchman Lane round which is particularly long and thin and needs a car. This is very nice of her as she has been equally busy with housework/childcare but knows I have very sore feet!

I posted up on the Libertarian Alliance Forum that I was doing a blog and have received some words of encouragement from people who made the effort to come here and take a look. Thanks guys!

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