Friday, July 09, 2004

The leaflets are ready....

Here is a sneak preview of my leaflet, due to be delivered on Saturday morning. It is folded A4 forming a small booklet.

Front cover of leaflet one The centre pages The baxk cover (rotated & enlarged- actually sideways)

The front cover has the quick message- Council election, vote Grey. The back cover reinforces that I am candidate two on the voting slip, due to being in alphabetical order. The centre pages are a bit about me and some info about independents in general.

Whilst I don't like overly blowing my own trumpet, it has been necessary to sell myself to the voters, most of who will not know me from Adam.

Why purple? It is mid way between red and blue which matches my centrist/libertarian philosophy. It isn't regarded as a mainstream political colour, which is why I chose it for the MTC Website last year. It is a modest colour compared to others (particularly lime green!) and my little Fiesta is also purple so I have grown used to it.

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