Thursday, July 22, 2004

Afternoon update

Well, I've been wandering the Ward saying hello to anyone who has shown any interest after getting back from my work meeting. I'm wearing a tie in Corporate purple with a grey suit & it is far too warm to be wearing a suit today! I chatted with the BNP tellers who both seemed perfectly normal and observed some of the goings on. They seem to get two distinct reactions, scowls from the older generation and some show of support from people disenfranchised by our P.C. society. No sign of Chris Beverley yet.

I had a chat with Jean, my Labour opponent, at her nearby polling station. The polls had been open for more than half of their allocated time and there had been roughly 80 voters at each one so taking postal votes into account, about 10% of the electorate have voted so far which is about par for the course, apparently. The busiest time is in the early evening, but some people leave it right to the last few minutes. I haven't had to give anyone a lift to the polls or kiss any babies yet, but there is still time!

Later, we will be hitting the streets with megaphones, hopefully I can convince the Central mob to reciprocate if I do some rallying for T. Grayshon Esq.

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