Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The summer of '76

This song reminds me of my old mate Colin from the long hot 1976 Summer between leaving school and (not) going to Newcastle Poly. He had a new live-in Girlfriend who was (just) 16 and I helped decorate their Flat in Jesmond. (Lime green walls and light chocolate brown woodwork). I don't recall her name but she worked at the huge Civil Service complex at Long Benton, trying to decode scribbles on prescriptions for correct apportionment. (She said it was very boring).
Colin really liked the Gallagher & Lyle Breakaway Album that had been released the year before and so did I, although side one was better than side two. I bought their follow-up Love on the Airwaves in Coventry the following year but it wasn't quite as good overall, although with some excellent songs on it (I particularly like the track Runaway). If you don't know them but their voices sound familiar they used to be in McGuinness-Flint with "when I'm dead and gone".


jams o donnell said...

My sister used to play Breakaway constantlly back around that time. I've now got Heart on My Sleeve running through my head.

Shades said...

If nothing else, they are catchy tunes.

Have you heard of Jackie McAuley's Poor Mouth?

jams o donnell said...

I don't know That Poor Mouth, sadly. My blog name is from the Flann O'Brien book the Poor Mouth, Jams O'Donnell is from the book too.

Shades said...

Jams, Jackie M had the same inspiration.

You can read more about him here if you are interested.