Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Name that tune

I received an email from Portaventura theme park today, promoting Halloween at the theme park. They also had a link to an Internet enabled visitor scarer.

Anyway, seeing no punters to scare, I dipped in to their video archive and found someone singing a song.

Now I heard this song at the theme park and couldn't place it, although it seemed that the whole crowd could and were singing along as we exited the park after their fireworks spectacular. (It turned out that the crowd were singing along on the actual recording, as I discovered the day after when I heard it again in a quieter bit of the park.

Anyway, randomly dipping in to the archived video scare footage, I was delighted to hear the song again and indeed see someone singing along to it.

Now, all I need is to get others to go to the archive bit again, and hope a regular recognises it!

To join in the challenge, go to http://www.portaventurawatchingyou.com/, after the intro, choose Videos of Victims (third choice along the bottom), put in September 30th, 13:09 and hear the tune that goes:

Da Da Da de doo de dah,
Da Da Da de doo de dah,
do de do de doo de dah...

It sounds rather C&W-ish and is probably really well known (except in Chez Grey).

(The bloke wasn't overly frightened but did flinch slightly.)

Answers on a postcard, or preferably in the comments section.

(Don't say "The Zombies Band", that is probably being a smartarse!

UPDATE: Have you ever seen the rain- originally Creedence Clearwater Revival, covered by Rod, Smokie, et al.

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