Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I've lost my Gromit

I had a routine hearing check at the hospital this morning but sadly I've lost my Gromit, it has come out of the eardrum and caused some irritation. I had a rather unpleasant session on a couch whilst the Doctor did a clean out of my ear canal, the gunk had apparently formed a mould of my eardrum and it was excruciating having it removed. It still hurts, hopefully I'll be able to sleep OK.

My hearing was fine though!


Stephen said...

How does the gromit work and why is it that after losing your one that your hearing is still fine?

I guess I could look this up on Wikipedia but I was just curious. :)

Shades said...

A grommet is a tiny tube that ventilates the middle ear. If the pressure is wrong then the ear drum either presses too haon the stirrup bone or it bows out and hardly touches the stirrup bone. The consequence is muffled hearing.

If the pressure is OK hearing is fine and I now now how to equalise most of the time.