Friday, October 05, 2007

A new knob

Our downstairs WC door has been randomly locking itself over the last six months or so. At first I thought it was young David accidentally doing it but it turns out that the mechanism has gone faulty. When it happens, it is necessary to unscrew the outside handle and wiggle it. (There is a release hole in the centre of the outside knob but that is the bit that has gone wrong).

Having done it twice this week, I nipped out to the hardware store to get a replacement. It is of a very similar design but a slightly larger diameter. Unfortunately, the securing screws are on the inside, but the release mechanism is much more sturdy.

Mrs. Grey advises me that even though I came back with a bigger knob, the size isn't important...

I have another guest post up at Sicily Scene- about homesickness.

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Liz said...

Until last year, we had put up with a self-locking toilet door for 18 years. It was one of those things we got used to and I managed to not get locked in (except on one memorable occasion) but guests were always being caught out. The only remedy was for the person inside to hand the key out through the wiindow (it's a downstairs toilet) so the door could be opened from the outside. I miss it now Husband has finally replaced it.