Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Weekly World News to Publish on Pluto

The Weekly World News is to close as a paper tabloid in America and to reopen on Pluto. The paper where almost everything is not true has decided to maintain a web presence only. This news will be a devastating blow to bored shoppers in American Supermarkets, where the paper was a welcome diversion to long queues.

Current stories include a plan by a radical left wing group to rename pawns in Chess. Important stuff and at least you can be sure that it is probably not true unlike other forms of media.

They had an interview with one of the managing editors on the radio this morning and he said that for almost all stories, there was at least some truth in an aspect of the story. Excellent philosophy of journalism. It makes us bloggers look downright trustworthy and we know that we are entertaining. Not sure how to access us in the supermarket checkout however.

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lady macleod said...

I do admire consistency even in the element of mendacity.

Once james hears that supermarket line idea, I'll bet he's right on it! Good man that he is, hmmm - "The BlogPower Express" bringing you truth, lies, and all areas between; covering the seven, or eight? continents and all oceans; sex, politics, travel, mystery, and mayhem - right here folks, step right up.

Colin Campbell said...

Excellent business plan. Virtual lies fed directly to your mobile phone or PDA in all supermarket lines.